Top 10 Best Career Fields in Demand for the Future


1.Medical Field

The medical field is loaded with growth opportunities. Everyone is aware that nurses are highly sought-after. Nurse practitioners earn an average of $852,000 annually, and the demand for nurses is expected to grow by 23 percent. In addition, nurse practitioners fulfill many of the same duties as doctors, such as prescribing medicines and treating illnesses.

2.Technology Sector


What would you like to do to work in the rapidly growing technology sector? The field of information technology has been ranked as the top field for job growth over the coming decade, which puts Systems engineers some of the most sought-after professionals in the present. The average wage for an engineer working in systems is $87,100. This profession is predicted to increase by 45% over the 10 years. To be a systems engineer, you must have an engineering bachelor’s degree.

3.Financial Services

Are you adept at math? There is a lucrative job in the financial service sector. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) have an average salary of $74,200, and the 10-year growth is predicted to be around 18 percent. Since more and more businesses are removing pension schemes, workers will need assistance planning their retirement. The growth in the number of financial advisors is projected to be around 41% in the next 10 years. The median financial advisor earns 101,000 dollars per year. Actuaries assess the statistical likelihood of certain events happening. The actuarial profession is projected to grow by 24 percent and an average annual salary of $129,000. Actuaries could earn as high as $300,000 in a year. Each of these fields usually requires an undergraduate degree in business.

4.Education Arena

A recession can lead to an increase in student enrollment at universities and colleges. Students return to school; there’s a greater demand for college professors. The median salary for college professors is $70,400. The 10-year growth rate is forecast to be 23 percent. Professors at colleges enjoy a lot of flexibility in their schedules, which allows them to take on a wide range of other duties. Do you enjoy being around children? You can be an educator in schools. Middle, elementary, and high-school teachers earn an average of $50,200 per year and projected job growth of 18 percent. Teaching at the college stage usually requires a graduate degree in teaching.

5.Technical Jobs

A lot of tech jobs need certifications. However, they don’t require applicants to have a degree from a college. For example, physical therapy assistants earn around $42,000, and the field of physical therapy is expanding. The growth rate over 10 years is 42 percent. Assistants to physical therapists are responsible for preparing treatment plans, recording treatments, and adapting treatments to meet the specific needs of the patients. Dental hygienists clean teeth. They also take X-rays and carry out routine dental procedures. Hygienists earn a salary of $68,152, and the profession is growing at 43 percent. Veterinarians conduct medical tests, make tissues and vaccines, and collect blood samples. The median salary is $30,000. The growth rate for the next 10 years is 35 percent.

6.Business Services Jobs

Services jobs remain vital to the United States economy, accounting for over 70 percent of all jobs. Specialists in environmental health and safety are expected to benefit most significantly from this trend, with the 10-year forecast for job growth to be 28 percent. Median earnings are projected to be in the range of $71,000 annually. Estimators are essential to clients because they can tell whether a construction project will earn profits for the company or end up being a money loss. An estimator job in construction is a job that requires a lot of experience and precision. The pay average is reasonable at $68,000 a year, and the job is expected to grow by 25 percent over the next 10 years.

7.Sales Jobs

Sales are crucial to every company, including software and financial services firms. Sales managers are required to inspire employees and assist companies in meeting their revenue targets. In addition, they must be exceptional at customer relations and put employees in the ideal position to conclude deals. Sales is a highly stressful, high-pressure profession, but it pays extremely well. Sales managers earn an average of $12,000 annually, and senior sales executives aren’t much further behind, with an average of $127,000 annually.

8.Consulting Jobs

Companies are trying to find ways to cut employee expenses costs, and one method to achieve this is through outsourcing projects. That’s why consultants are anticipated to be popular. In addition, employers do not have to pay for benefits or health costs for consultants. As a result, the consulting sector is predicted to experience double-digit growth in the coming decade. Healthcare and management consultants will witness job growth of 24%, making it one of the top fields for job seekers to enter.

9.Engineering Jobs

There’s a lack of science and math studies at universities, and the engineering sector shows this. Companies are having a more difficult time finding skilled engineers. Structural, civil, project and environmental engineers expect job growth of 24 31% to 24.4% in the coming decade. Biomedical engineers will experience a job rise of 72 percent. The average salary is predicted to be $76,000, with some engineers making upwards of six figures per year. The work is not stressful, and job satisfaction is very high.

10.Middle Management Jobs

Mid-level management is equally essential for a business as the top management. They are accountable for overseeing all of the daily operations and maintaining smooth interaction with staff and management.

Managers of risk management help minimize risks and shield businesses from risky situations that could cripple them. Employment growth in this field is projected at 24%, with an average wage of $107,000. R&D managers ensure that all new products and projects are designed, tested, and properly launched to market. Product managers supervise the development and launch of new processes and products. They perform various essential tasks that ensure that the majority of currently employed employees expect to see expansion in their field of work. Final Word

Business and technology are constantly evolving, and new professions emerge and disappear quickly. This is why it is crucial to pick the field of work that is highly sought-after shortly and to sharpen your skills as time goes by.