Season 6, episode 6 “Ax And Grind”

Christopher Kelly and Rhea Seehorn in Better Call SaulPhoto: Greg Lewis / AMC / Sony Pictures Television Fans of Better Call Saul‘s predecessor have debated: Did Walter White really spend that series’ five seasons breaking bad, or did he simply finally find his way to his true self? Perhaps that question, considering the nuance Saul … Read more

HBO and Steven Moffat adapt a time-travel tragedy

Rose Leslie and Theo James in The Time Traveler’s WifePhoto: Macall Polay / HBO There’s a certain sense of predestination to the idea of ​​Steven Moffat showrunning a TV version of The Time Traveler’s Wife. Moffat, after all, came to his post-Coupling career resurgence via a tenure on Doctor Who—Most notably his celebrated 2006 episode … Read more

Conversations With Friends is no Normal People

Alison Oliver in Conversations With FriendsPhoto: Go Bowe / Hulu Sally Rooney’s prose, self-effacingly simple as it may appear, is most alluring because of the complexity it can contain. In the first chapter of her novel, Conversations With Friends, her narrator, a young woman named Frances, sketches out her temperament for us in quick flashes. … Read more

Anthony Carrigan on NoHo Hank’s big reveal in last night’s Barry

Anthony Carrigan as NoHo Hank in Barry season 3, episode 1, “forgiving jeff” [Editor’s note: This interview contains spoilers from last night’s season three premiere of Barry.] Barry is back with season three, and NoHo Hank is still stealing the show. HBO’s beloved dramedy series about a depressed hitman-turned-aspiring actor returned on Sunday with a … Read more

Season 3, episode 6, “White Fashion”

Brian Tyree Henry in AtlantaPhoto: Rob Youngson / FX Atlanta is in the midst of a European rap tour, not to mention an extended existential question about whether the events depicted in the show are actually taking part in its characters’ previously established reality. In other words, it’s not even within glancing distance of your … Read more

What to remember, season 2 summary

Barry season 3 teaser (Photos: Merrick Morton / HBO) Graphic: Rebecca Fassola In May 2019, the second season of Barry ended a lot like the first one: with an overwhelming sense of dread that the show’s titular character (Bill Hader) was becoming just right too evil. This addictive comedy, created by Hader and Alec Berg, … Read more