Plants Can Grow in Lunar Soil — but They Hate It

The plants after 16 days of growth, with clear differences seen between plants grown in simulated lunar soil (left) and plants grown in actual lunar regolith. Photo: Tyler Jones, UF / IFAS For the first time ever, scientists have grown plants in lunar soil returned from the Apollo missions. But given the degree of stress … Read more

HBO and Steven Moffat adapt a time-travel tragedy

Rose Leslie and Theo James in The Time Traveler’s WifePhoto: Macall Polay / HBO There’s a certain sense of predestination to the idea of ​​Steven Moffat showrunning a TV version of The Time Traveler’s Wife. Moffat, after all, came to his post-Coupling career resurgence via a tenure on Doctor Who—Most notably his celebrated 2006 episode … Read more

Pamela Adlon on the end of FX’s Better Things

Pamela Adlon has already accomplished a lot in TV, from her Emmy-winning voice work in King Of The Hill to her 80-episodes run on Californication. But her biggest feat (so far) is Better Thingsthe FX comedy based on her life as a single working mom that she co-created, wrote, directed, and starred in over five … Read more

Wilco announces Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 20th anniversary reissues

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Special Editions Digital Cover ArtworkImage: Nonesuch Records It’s been a big year for “dad rock” reissues. Pavement recently put out the awaited Terror Twilight reissue, featuring 28 previously unreleased tracks. Now, Wilco has announced various reissues of its seminal album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot for its 20th anniversary, arriving on September 16 via … Read more

the two live up to the hype

Foot RainPhoto: Hollie Fernando Foot Rain it appeared suddenly last year, signing on Domino’s big label in June 2021. The two of them — singer and guitarist Rhian Teasdale and guitarist and assistant singer Hester Chambers (accompanied by Henry Holmes on drums, Ellis Durand on bass, and Joshua. Omead Mobarak on guitar and synths) – … Read more