5 things to know for May 12: Ukraine, Abortion, Inflation, Overdoses, California fire

CNN – Air travel in the US is back in full swing, but the return to the skies hasn’t been entirely smooth. Passengers are frustrated by packed flights, as well as an increase in disruptive passenger incidents, flight cancellations and soaring air fares, according to a new survey. Here’s what you need to know to … Read more

Lithuanian foreign minister calls for the removal of Putin, predicts Russian leader will become more erratic as losses mount

Washington CNN – Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said the removal of not only Vladimir Putin, but the entire regime that supports him, is necessary to stop Russia’s “warmongering” and predicted the Kremlin leader will become increasingly erratic as his battlefield losses grow in Ukraine. Speaking to CNN in Washington on Tuesday, Landsbergis also said … Read more

Biden signs Ukraine bill, seeks $ 40B aid, in Putin rejoinder

WASHINGTON (AP) – Washington sought to portray a united front against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Monday as President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan measure to reboot the World War II-era “lend-lease” program, which helped defeat Nazi Germany, to bolster Kyiv and Eastern European allies. The signing comes as the US Congress is poised to unleash … Read more

Jill Biden visits Europe, will meet with Ukrainian refugees

MIHAIL KOGALNICEANU AIR BASE, Romania (AP) – Delivering good cheer – and 5 gallons of ketchup – Jill Biden thanked US troops deployed to Romania as a check against Russian aggression for their service, as she began a four-day trip to Europe to see first hand the refugee crisis caused by Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. … Read more

Ukraine farm thefts: Russians steal vast amounts of grain and equipment, threatening this year’s harvest

CNN – Russian forces are stealing farm equipment and thousands of tons of grain from Ukrainian farmers in areas they have occupied, as well as targeting food storage sites with artillery, multiple sources have told CNN. The phenomenon has accelerated in recent weeks as Russian units have tightened their grip on parts of the rich … Read more

Russia’s tanks in Ukraine have a ‘jack-in-the-box’ design flaw. And the West has known about it since the Gulf war

CNN – Russian tanks with their tops blown off are just the latest sign that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine isn’t going to plan. Hundreds of Russian tanks are thought to have been destroyed since Moscow launched its offensive, with British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace on Monday estimating it had lost as many as 580. But … Read more

Biden will visit South Korea and Japan next month as he works to keep focus on Asia

CNN – President Joe Biden will make his first trip to Asia as president next month, visiting South Korea and Japan from May 20 to May 24, White House officials told CNN, underscoring his commitment to the region even as international attention is directed towards the crisis in Ukraine . Biden, the officials said, will … Read more

Russia’s threat to retaliate against US-Japan naval exercises shows it’s getting jumpy, analysts say

Tokyo CNN – Russia has warned Japan of “retaliatory measures” if it expands joint naval exercises with the United States near Russia’s eastern borders. The threat is just the latest salvo from Moscow, which has been angered by Japan’s support for Ukraine and its growing ties with NATO countries, and is turning up the heat … Read more

Palm oil: Indonesia export ban could send prices soaring

Hong Kong CNN Business – Indonesia will start restricting exports of palm oil this week, a move that could make the global food crisis worse and push up the prices of hundreds of consumer products. President Joko Widodo announced Friday that Indonesia would suspend exports of cooking oil, and the raw materials used to make … Read more

French accuse Russian mercenaries of staging burials in Mali

The French military has released videos appearing to show Russian mercenaries burying bodies near an army base in northern Mali which it says is part of a smear campaign against the French who handed control of the base to Malian forces earlier this week By SAM MEDNICK Associated Press April 22, 2022, 6:35 PM • … Read more