Ancient Tooth From Young Girl Discovered in Cave Unlocks Mystery of Denisovans, a Sister Species of Modern Humans

Ancient Tooth From Young Girl Discovered in Cave Unlocks Mystery of Denisovans, a Sister Species of Modern Humans

A close-up of the tooth from a ‘birds-eye’ viewpoint. Credit: Fabrice Demeter (University of Copenhagen / CNRS Paris) Denisovans, a sister species of modern humans, inhabited Laos from 164,000 to 131,000 years ago with important implications for populations out of Africa and Australia. What connects a finger bone and some fossil teeth discovered in a … Read more

Rocket Launches May Be Polluting Our Atmosphere in New Ways

SpaceX, Blue Origin, and a host of other private companies helped to make 2021 the year with the most space launches in history, but scientists say this mad dash to space could be causing further damage to our atmosphere. The number of launch attempts has doubled in the last decade. And after counting all of … Read more

Ingenious Underwater Drone Can Transition to Flight in Less Than a Second

Robots have traditionally been purpose-built to perform a single, very specific task, but researchers from Beihang University are taking a much different approach with a new robotic drone that can operate underwater just as easily as in the air, and it features a clever, nature-inspired trick for maximizing its range. When you think of robots, … Read more

Physicists figured out how to launch a Falcon 9 changes the atmosphere

With the cost of launching a rocket into space falling, the number of rocket launches is, well, taking off. Last year, governments and companies across the world successfully launched 133 rockets into orbit, breaking a record that stood for 45 years. But there’s a catch. Breaking free from Earth’s gravity requires a rocket to release … Read more

Solar Orbiter spies a ‘hedgehog’ during the close pass of the sun

The spacecraft, which flew by the sun on March 26, has returned a treasure trove of new images and insights after coming within one-third the distance from the sun to Earth. Solar Orbiter’s heat shield reached about 932 degrees Fahrenheit (500 degrees Celsius), but functioned as expected and protected the spacecraft during its historic first … Read more

First Direct Visual Evidence That the Object in the Center of the Milky Way Is Indeed a Black Hole

This is the first image of Sagittarius A * (Sgr A *), the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, captured by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). It is the first direct visual evidence of the presence of this black hole. Credit: EHT Collaboration Astronomers reveal the first image of the[{” attribute=””>black hole … Read more