5 Foods to Avoid for Arthritis


Around three million people are diagnosed with arthritis each year. Symptoms include swelling, stiffness, pain, and a steady loss of movement. This common condition can be treated with pain-reducing medication and inflammation. However, a specific diet can help reduce the risk.

Arthritis Foundation recommends that people with arthritis eat an anti-inflammatory diet, including avoiding processed and fried foods, dairy products, sugar, and other high-fat foods. These foods are not likely to cure arthritis pain.

Continue reading to find out the worst thing someone with arthritis can eat.


Try to Live Gluten-Free

It’s become more common to find gluten-free menus and grocery stores in recent years. Harvard Health Publishing states that gluten, most often found in wheat, barley, and rye, can cause damage to small intestine linings.

Celiac disease is the leading cause of gluten intolerance. However, people living with arthritis with gluten intolerance can be affected by it. Joy Bauer, a nutritionist and health expert, also points out that celiac disease and arthritis can often be combined.

It’s time to take candy out of your diet.

Because candy is high in sugar, it should always be eaten in moderation. Cytokines are inflammatory responses that trigger when blood sugar levels begin to rise. This causes arthritis symptoms such as pain and swelling to increase.

People who crave sweet snacks should avoid candy and choose healthier options like fresh fruits, nuts, and sunflower seeds. The worst kind of sugar to consume is processed sugars, which are primarily found in candy.

Get down the Bacon

Bacon is a famous American food. People add it to their donuts and burgers. Saturated fats are also a significant contributor to high cholesterol and increased risk of developing heart disease. reports that bacon was linked to cancer in 2015 by a study.

How much bacon was cooked, and its fat content will determine how much it can affect arthritis patients’ lives. Bacon can cause high levels of inflammation if it contains advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

Tomatoes are out of control.

Even though tomatoes are considered a fruit, people living with arthritis can still be affected by them. According to the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, tomatoes belong to the nightshade group. There are harmful substances in nightshades that can increase inflammation.

Tomatoes can be used in many dishes. However, people with arthritis need to find a substitute that doesn’t cause their condition to worsen. Apples, green beans and spinach are all acceptable alternatives.