Amber Heard’s sister says she witnessed physical fights with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard’s sister says she witnessed physical fights with Johnny Depp

Placeholder while article actions load Whitney Henriquez, Amber Heard’s younger sister, told jurors in Fairfax County Circuit Court on Wednesday that she witnessed a physical altercation between Heard and ex-husband Johnny Depp, rebutting Depp’s earlier testimony that he never struck his ex-wife. The 58-year-old actor is suing Heard, 36, for $ 50 million for defamation … Read more

Americans Are in a Sour Mood, But it Didn’t Dampen their Spending: Splurging at Retailers, Especially Some Retailers

Retail Therapy at Bars & Restaurants, Cannabis Stores, and Ecommerce? Other retailers not so lucky. By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET. Retail sales jumped 0.9% in April from March, after having jumped 1.4% in March from February, to $ 678 billion, and were up 8.2% from a year ago, seasonally adjusted, the Commerce Department reported … Read more

New Star Wars Films Explained by Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy

aga, ‚ÄĚsays Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy. So no more Rey?: Lucasfilmin Skywalker Sagahas been dealing with and Kennedy thinks it’s mostly because these things take more time than many people are ready to commit.that particular film isn’t meshing up with where she and others see the future of we kind of pushed off to the … Read more

Eternal Threads review: Eastenders meets time travel meets electrical safety

Time travel stories can have pretty high stakes, because usually you only travel in time when you really need to change something. A killer robot is trying to kill a lady because of something her son will eventually do, that kind of thing. My favorite episodes of Doctor Who, by contrast, were always the ones where the Doctor met a miserable dog-alien thousands of years in the future, and the dog alien is like “Not only is the planet about to blow, but my marriage is in trouble, “and then the episode was mostly about the latter issue rather than the former. This is all by way of introduction to Eternal Threads, a puzzle game where you go back in time to stop everyone in a house share dying in a fire.

To save a present that has been rendered apocalyptic by time travel itself, you are part of a team who go back and change tiny things in the past to fix it, in this case 2015. While it is imperative for some reason that the fire does indeed happen, it is just as important that all six occupants live. You can alter small decisions they make in the week running up to the fire, and so save their lives by choosing whether they go to the pub, if they comfort each other in times of need, or what they have arguments about. The beat of a butterfly’s wing, indeed.

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Dow Jones Futures Fall After Target Triggers Sell-Off; Market Rally Has 90% Chance Of Doing This

Dow Jones futures fell overnight, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures, amid weak revenue and guidance from Cisco Systems. The stock market rally sold off hard Wednesday, as a big one Target (TGT) earnings miss raised major concerns about retailers, related sectors and the broader economy amid hot inflation and weakening demand. X … Read more

Biden’s burdens grow: Sagging global economy adds to US woes

WASHINGTON (AP) – As President Joe Biden embarks for Asia on Thursday, he’s facing a new risk at home for the economy and his Democratic Party: a global slowdown caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the pandemic shutting down Chinese cities and factories. The world economy cannot cast US ballots. But it’s a hidden … Read more